It's time to fight Orca Uprising.....on the side of orcas!

Dive into the future of memecoins anddisrupt the traditional financial seascape!

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Join our expanding community and back the orca revolution against conventional financial systems.


ORCUP for all!

Get transparent token allocation, equitable token economics, and zero taxation.


Get rewards!

Become a member of our exclusive community, stake tokens, receive rewards, and partake in upcoming NFT minting events.



Our aim to empower everyday investors with a surge of influence and revolutionize the conventional financial landscape. Orca Uprising possesses the remarkable capacity to unite diverse perspectives, ignite innovation, and even bring a smile to the most serious individuals. Through the power of decentralization, we are forging a sea of transformation, placing control precisely where it should be - in the hands of the masses or within the realms of killer whale communities.

Stake ORCA

Get ready to unleash the mighty power of your coins, just like an orca attacking boats! Stake your assets and watch your investments grow stronger than ever before.

Staking will be available
once presale starts...

90 Days

APY 15%

180 Days

APY 25%

365 Days

APY 50%

All Stakings


Just as orcas carefully plan their dives and breaches, they will adeptly harmonize the token supply, liquidity pools, and staking rewards, ensuring that vessels of financial stagnation encounter their liquid fate.


Total Suppply: 1 000 000 000 000 ORCUP

  • Presale Allocation (50%):🚀"Launch the Orcas!
  • Community Rewards (25%):🌟"Cheering Orcas!"
  • CEX Liquidity (10%):💰"Orcas with Buoyancy!"
  • DEX Liquidity (10%):🌊"Decentralized Splash!"
  • Reserve (5%):🏦"Emergency Floaties!"
  • Roadmap

    As we ride the Orca Uprising's waves, let's showcase our thriving aquatic revolution with a clear roadmap:

    Phase 1

    The Founding Splash: We'll create a robust smart contract, unite passionate supporters through social campaigns, and set sail with a grand branding spectacle.

    Phase 2

    Launching the Tsunami: We'll introduce the ORCUP token, form crypto alliances, list on DEXs and CEXs, and make waves in mainstream awareness.

    Phase 3

    Empowering the Pod: We'll continue to reward our community, offer NFT treasures, and secure listings on top-tier CEXs. Get ready for our merchandise fleet! Together, we'll make a lasting impact!


    Think of the whitepaper as the battle plan for the orcas attacking boats. It's a detailed document that outlines their strategies, objectives, and the tools they'll use in their mission. Just like a military operation plan, the whitepaper provides all the crucial information about how the orcas intend to disrupt the boats of traditional finance, what tactics they'll employ, and what resources they'll need to succeed.

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